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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 1, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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we're just going to get clipped on the eastern edge of the system as it goes on by. rain fall will be light and not help out at all with the drought conditions. 7 a.m. clouds we'll see it start and
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light and scattered what to expect. places closer to the hills alistening the ocean and the santa cruz mountains, ap inch t depends on where the storm tracks. on where the storm look for a quarter inch. >> out with the old and in with the knew. walnut creek is gearing up for the the broadway shopping mall. the project is forcing some businesses to leaf town. >> reporter: packing up and moving out. >> they have to be out of here by friday. >> reporter: two years after opening up elegant living, like dozens of others housed in the eastern side of the plaza, is closing down. making way for the $250 million redevelopment of the run down
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mall. >> where you are going to go? >> my intention is to go to the pleasian ton area. >> you don't have a lease yet? >> i had one and it was given to someone else, most probably they offered a few more dollars. today i don't have a place yet. >> how difficult is this on you? >> well i have to two daughters one at college and then it is tough. >> some store owners are struggling to find another place to set up shop because retail space in walnut creek is limited. many of the larger chains have worked out deals to relocate to the spaces within the mall. >> is there a chance that you will return? >> no because the new mall will be up scale and the rent is going to be expensive. >> this did not come as a surprise this was going to happen. >> a former mayor and current board member for the chamber of commerce says that the
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transition for the small businesses will be difficult. but overall, the project is good for the city. >> broadway plaza has been special to the area in terms of the way they integrate with the city. it is part of the city. and there is a lot of activities. it there will be issues for the short term. >> nothing to do with the mall. they said that it would happen. and we didn't expect that it with was going to happen this soon but it did. so, you know we need to get out. >> the redevelopment project and construction will last 20 months before it is complete. >> the cost of soda could go up if some supervisors get their way. some supervisors gathered in the to drum up support for a soda tax. legislation they plan to introduce on tuesday. it would add two cents per ounce on the distributors of
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the sodas. money raised each year by the tax would fund recreation and nutrition programs. however, voters rejected a similar measure in rich month in 2012 but proponents say this is much improved. >> it is the greatest change is where it will be allocated. it will raise 30 plus million a year. how will we spend the money? we have detailed it. it is written down. the tax will be on the distributor not at the retail level. there will be and like with the we're addressing the health epidemic that they are causing. >> if approved by the board of supervisors, the measure will appear on the november ballot and face heavy opposition from the beverage association. a bystander was shot in hunter's point this morning. the victim saw two groups arguing walking around 7:30 this morning. that's when she heard gunshots
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break out. she felt pain in her leg and realized she had been shot. she was hospitalized with minor injuries. they are looking for the parties involved. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. a fight near a middle school put the a teen in the hospital. last night two boys were arguing near the school and park. and the shot was fired hitting one of the boys. he was taken to the hospital. and the shooter and other youth fled. they don't believe they knew each other before the fight or the shooting was gang related. >> man is under arrest for trying to smuggle 14 pounds of marijuana into sfo. and he was arrested after security found the marijuana in his carry on luggage. they believe he was paid to pick it up and deliver it to another. he was booked into jail on charges and possessing and transporting marijuana.
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police are looking for a missing mentally challenged teen. he had been missing since yesterday. he walked away from his job at the bay side tv he was seen wearing a blue shirt, shorts and a backpack. they say that he could be at the a santa cruz board walk. and they are asking for helping find two people who stole a camera from the marina. these are released of the suspects who stole the camera at 11 p.m. on december 29th. anyone with information on the theft is asked to call the police. and today is national freedom day. all over the world people are calling attention to child slavery. and one girl is taking up the fight one lemon at a time. >> reporter: vivian is sweet as can be. >> i could not sleep i was so excited. >> reporter: one issue she sours on is child slavery. >> it makes me sad and i -- i
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wanted a stand. >> and like david and goliath but she is armed with lemons and some sugar. >> she said to me i don't see why i can't, i see the reasons why i might. >> she in her original stand 365 days raiseed 1 $100,000. >> that's a good business. >> the efforts caught the attention of two fix makers. we thought we could do a little piece to help them. it was within minutes we realized that this is something more. >> and at feature length it is opening in theaters taking a message to a global audience. >> we thought, we hope that people come to san francisco but when you go to hong kong and stockholm. >> then you said we would go to the stock exchange with a film i would have said you are crazy. >> now the stand is the
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standard. >> they release a modeling line where the profit goes to help free child slaves. >> having accomplished so much, you have to wonder what comes next. >> and 18 million kids are free. >> and yes. >> reporting at ocean beach, dan rubin, kron 4. nudists took to the castro district to protest the law against public nudity. a group of gay cowboy line lacquers were out. many protesters expressed that nudity is the least of the city's problems. >> i think it is important for freedom. and what i think it is silly that to outlaw nudity if someone is not being violent. i enjoy my neighborhood like everyone else. i just don't like to wear clothes. >> the group came out to
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recognize the first anniversary of the anti-nudity law enforcement. and an 80,000-dollar fine. the company is an unsafe work place allows performers to have unprotected sex. two performers tested positive for hiv. and a spokesperson says that many prefer not to use the condoms. the and the fine part of a campaign against the porn industry it requires that companies minutenise exposure to blood and bodily fluids. coming up, a story only on kron 4 a firefighter is breaking her silence about her role in the crash of asiana flight. searching for a suspect claiming to be man of god. how he is preying on devoted catholics. first we take you down to the park for the giants fan fest.
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with the 49ers out of the super bowl, many fans are looking forward to the baseball season. and we were at at&t where they were ready to go back to the game. and thousands of fans filled the stands at at&t park on saturday for fan fest and the opportunity to start thinking about baseball. hunter pence signing autographs signed it up. >> this is the start. this is where it all starts. >> and sergio romo concurs. >> and it is very fitting. all in all, what a great way to start off the season. >> i love coming to these. this is my first one i have been excited to do this for a long time. >> reporter: for some, it is an event that predates the stadium itself. >> they run around the base. want to keep up it u. >> and the crowds on the field
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did not allow for rubbing the bases could you get your picture taken on the mound. >> it is exciting to know that they are right there. >> for the enthusiasm and said goodbye. >> and all the fans coming out here on this day. could you not have asked for a better day. >> buster posey asked for more days like this. >> this is nicer than a lot of the weather than we had. and we can sprink until a few days like this. >> this being the unofficial start to the season meant expectations were high. >> another ring, one more ring. >> my favorite sportscaster questioned the loyalty of the crowds. >> and they get to see them one year though. i want to charge a dollar and
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see if they. >> this reporter thinks that they would. at at&t park. >> focused on one thing, safety. >> they are making sure that all the bases are covered. and field give as look at how they are managing security from the skies. >> protecting met life and patroling the spectacular air space around it. it is expected 180 million fans will have their eyes on the field and customs and border protection agents take over the skies above it. >> we took a ride on one of three blackhawk helicopters that will form part of the super bowl and the defensive line. and a 10-mile perimeter a strict no-fly zone. and if anyone breaches that for any reason they should expect to see a blackhawk up close. >> and if you are up there and
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you say unintentionally breach the perimeter. >> unless you have been trained in the military, you are it is unlikely that you are the information with another aircraft. you have never been within 500 feet of another when you are flying. >> in the case of an air space intruder, they will be the first to intercept and the offending aircraft. and where the agents would be waiting. >> they will be shocked to have a large aircraft like this come up close to them. they will come to the realization that something is wrong. >> we got the our own surprise although this is a welcome one. >> a fleet of military helicopters appearing in the distance and heading for met life stadium where the military aircraft will perform ceremonial duties on sunday. >> an exception to the flow fly rule and a stunning one.
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>> a new york drug bust netted 8 million of heroin. and stamped with brands like nfl and government shutdown were also seized. that raid happened at a heroin processing plant in the bronx. they arrested two suspects in connection with the ring. prosecutors describe it sophisticated. 33 pounds of heroin was recovered. the president is weighing in on richard sherman's rant. and sending seattle to the super bowl. he called him a great player and he suspects the comments were a way to get attention. the stanford graduate was fined more than $7800 for making a choking gesture to the 49er quarterback after the champ game. , he made a great play. and won the game for the
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seahawks, give him credit for that. he is a very smart guy. and the fact he came up from compton and went to stanford. has helped other people. graduate and go to college from his old school. and my sense is that he has take an page out of the ali play book. he said that which is a good way to get attention. the president expects the super bowl to be great game and declined to say who he thinks will win. catholics are being warned about a man posing as a priest. and the fake priest has been celebrating mass and asking for donations. >> a warning from the diocese, he is posing as a priest and into the home of the faithful under false pretenses and celebrating mass. and it believes it has happened
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in gridly and possibly the sacramento area. he is said to be focusing on the spanish speaking community. >> and my experience and a lot of people in the mexican american community are welcoming and they enjoy being around their priest. it is like someone is taking advantage of their generosity. >> it will be a priest and the diocese is worried that this man is asking people for money. >> it has reports that parishioners fund the trips for a trip. if he is not a priest who is. we found his facebook page. they believe he is based in santa barbara and belongs to the santa barbara old catholic church of america. they split off from the church some 200 years ago. >> it was the last thing we needed. some man pretending to be a priest. and will warn his sacramento
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church. >> we have to protect them. again from the behavior and everything. >> and that was nicknames. anyone with information on the wheres were asked to call local authorities. >> brian. >> and a spectacular day today in walnut creek and all around the bay area. this is heather warm park. as you can see blot of blew skies not as warm as what we had a couple of weeks ago we had record highs for 14 days straight. things are cooler and weather for tomorrow. we have a storm headed in. the heaviest rain will miss us off shore. we will get some a live view mostly clear right now but we'll see increasing clouds after midnight as it gets closer. and a cloudy day for tomorrow light rain and continuing through the afternoon. for next week a few dry days.
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here is future cast. we're mostly clear but the white slows the cloudiness. and notice a few sprinkles on the leading edge. the bulk of the the heavier rain arrives by midmorning. 6 a.m. and notice light rain showing up into the north bay. and this marts to spread and eastbound as we get closer to 9. scattered light showers for the bay area with the heaviest closest to the coast. and not moving on shore: showers at noon. and the afternoon hours. and. clearing as we get closer to midnight. temperatures look for 30s and east bay 40s by the bay. temperatures are cooler for the afternoon with highs just into
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the mid50s. scattered clouds. highs in the 50s. we'll see cooler weather as we go into the next week. wednesday. a week system with rain a few hundreds of an inch. fireworks lit up the skies in hong kong. and people raced to get home. this is the year of the horse. and they have been taking place all over china. they are a big part of the new year. and many people chose not to set off and air pollution there. and they took a g 150 tons of discarded paper.
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what the faa is saying about the runs and why some want the white house to get involved. coming up in 2012 one city received 12,000 calls for dumping. in 2013 they received 17,000 calls. what is being done about it? that's in people behaving badly. you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. here is stanley roberts finding people behaving badly. >> and stannary roberts stopped one of the largest illegal dumping sites. they dumped all this here. >> reporter: and it has been a problem for a long time. and in 2001 # there were 12,000 reports. in 2013 there was 17,000 reports. and now in 2014 the city is on line to receive a record 20,000 calls. >> and that people think they can just come here and dump
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trash. >> now. the leaders have said enough is enough. they are proposing a zero tolerance approach to tagging. those are meaning to look for ways to end the trashing of the city but the fact remains it needs to take decisive action. when they come in and dump trash on the streets and not suffer consequences, the problem will continue. and the police department are looking into the cases that they can prosecute. however they are looking for ways to get the community involved in the problem because they are all in this together. >> in oakland. >> talk with my boss. >> i have been covering it eight years it is time for action. >> if you have a comment or story idea e-mail it to people behaving badly at kron 4. a story only on kron 4 a firefighter is breaking silence
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about her role in the crash of the flight 214. thrives taking advantage of conditions in atlanta and stealing stranded cars. how police tracked them down. we had nice temperatures making it up into the the 50s and the low 60s. lots of sunshine but rain for tomorrow. the forecast coming up.
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and fallout from the asiana plane crash at sfo is increasing. this is what we know, several government reports confirm that in the chaos following the crash, a passenger was accidentally run over by two fire trucks. whether that fact is what killed the woman, that is up for debate. and the coroner and the fire department now differ on what actually caused the death. but the now a claim has been filed by one firefighter who says in the weeks following the crash, officials imply kateed her in the death of a passenger causing her to endure emotional distress. she has filed a complaint against the city. tonight she speaks to pam moore in an interview only on kron 4. >> my life has just been crazy. not just my life but it has
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impacted my co-worker's lives, you know, and for all of us he woo just want the truth to be out. i want the truth. >> and she is a 25-year veteran of the san francisco fire department. she said in the early days that followed the crash, sources in the fire department gave her name and engine number to various news media identifying her as the driver of the truck that killed the young victim, making her the public scapegoat for what happened and causing her to experience anxiety, depression, insomnia and other stress related symptoms, we do our job every day. we don't ask, we're not trying to be heroes, we're just trying to get the respect that we deserve. i just feel that, you know, that's what i want for all of us. i feel a betrayal from upper
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management, i do. >> and she could not talk about what happened that day but she said it is what happened in the aftermath that led to her complaint. in it she says she was subjected to a series of aggressive meetings threatening her with action if she did not take responsibility for the death. the complaint says the first meeting was july 22nd with the chief and others in the command staff and ducket as the lone first responder and without any legal representation. >> they have their own bill of rights. those protections they have were not protected when the they conducted their investigation. >> they are hostile when i sent leaders asking her not to question my client but me
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present because this was an open investigation. and they despite that letter and the communication did so nonetheless. >> the complaint says that many early media reports identified ducket as the person who killed the young girl and officials did not correct the reports which caused her to suffer anxiety and depress saying she was harassed by the press, her reputation was damaged and it all led to the need for counseling. >> she walks down the street, people identify her as the driver who killed this victim. >> it is difficult. >> i mean i go to school you know and the children that i talk to. you know they want to know what happened. >> why did i kill her. >> stop, stop, stop.
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>> there is a body right there. right in front of you. >> and government reports from the ntsb have since confirmed that rescue truck ten was the first to run over the victim followed later by ducket's truck 37. >> a different truck came in contact with the victim and because everything that the the other responders didinger not follow protocal. >> trying to intimidate her for taking the fall for the department. >> the complaint indicates that the department tried to cover up mistakes made in the the chaos of the crash and that she was the early scapegoat. she and her lawyer hope the complaint and civil suit to follow will instigate needed changes. >> it is a public safety issue and every person that travels in the city and comes to san francisco through the airport. otherwise, the mistakes will happen again. >> for those who know me, and
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who have worked with me, they know, they understand why i'm doing this. this is a bigger picture. this is not as -- i love my job, i love my co-workers, wework so hard, we believe the truth. >> the city has 45 days to respond to the complaint before a civil suit can be fail filed. that will force everything into the open. the complaint calls for $300,000 in damages n response to word of the report the fire department believes that the following statement the fire department was made aware of the claim on monday and it is under review. the chief is extremely proud of awful the members of the department who responded to the asiana crash. and she hopes to stay on the job as a number of
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investigations continue. if you want to read the claim. we have posted it. we have a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s but a different story as we go into sunday. we're going to see clouds. gray skies and rain as we go through the day. clear over san francisco. 40 is a popular number. san francisco. san jose. pacifica at 46 degrees. and for tomorrow mostly cloudy skies. the rain starting in the north bay first and spreading through the rest of the area for the mid-to-late morning. look for the showers to continue until 5 to 6:00 and things will start to wrap up. and in the mid50s add the sierra. snow showers for a sunday but since the system is for the most the part moving down the coast, it will not the move towards the sierra.
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a few flurries and same for monday and flurries. sunny on tuesday. another storm midweek and that could bring more snow and i'll tell you more about the sunday forecast coming up. >> still ahead. delivery by drone. the idea to get beer to remote the locations. why the proposal is not taking off with the faa. how a stolen tow truck was used to take advantage of storm victims in atlanta.
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check out this video of cars in the atlanta area stranded on the freeways. one man took advantage. and he was charged for auto theft and forgery. the the tow companies were trying to clear the roads they spotted an unmarked tow truck. when he tried to pull him over that's when they say he took off.
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the chase ended when the driver and passenger jumped from the truck sending it crashing. the truck was stolen. the arrest helped recover three other stolen cars. death threats against a former president led the secret service on the hunt. is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know?
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here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season.
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a man accused of threatening former president bush because he is obsessed with his caught is facing criminal charges. ben smith was arrested after he wrote a note saying, quote, i will work for george bush and the pentagon. i have to slay a dragon and barbara bush is mine. they found a machete and gas in his car. threatening the president is a federal crime. there is time to pick up a big screen tv before the big game. and inside best buy to find out on the market what is the best
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tv that you buy to watch football. police are beefing up operations and urging residents to be vigilant about looking up cars. at 11, why. [dad] [laughs]
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[boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo. today marks the anniversary of the space shuttle columbia disaster. it was back on february 1, 2003 that it t broke apart. and the accident investigation board determined that the cause of the accident was a piece of insulation foam that broke off and struck the wing. all members were killed. and drug cases in florida are in jeopardy now that the state lab technician is under investigation for tam perking
8:45 pm
with evidence. a chemist replaced pills with over the counter medicine. the chemist worked on 2600 cases in 35 counties since 2006. and so far we have identified several dozen submissions where the drugs were substituted -- substituted with over the counter medications. this has the potential of impacting hundreds of cases across our state. >> the chemist has been placed on leave. but has not been criminally charged. a nice day today. we were looking at sunshine in the 50s and the 60s but for tomorrow the storm is rolling in. and past the area but it could bring a good amount of rain. a live view of the bridge.
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the clouds are increasing. off shore. there is the rain to the west of eureka. that will get hit first. as this pushes through to the south we'll see the rain start here in the morning and continue through the day. that's what the future cast the is showing at midnight tonight mostly clear but look at clouds. they will indegrees a few light sprinkles ahead. and 6 a.m. to the north. and there it is. this pushes to the south as we go through the mid-to-late morning. and the afternoon. and by 9 a.m. most places getting a bit of light rain. and the east and the heaviest to the coast as the center of the storm is going to remain off shore as it passes through. and off and on showers. they will number place. and wind down as we get into
8:47 pm
the evening. and by 5 or 6:00. they come to an end. amounts on the order of a quarter inch. and the hills maybe as much as an inch. but that could be wishful thinking. in the 50s. and then we'll stay cool we have more arctic air. highs in 590s. not too bad with sunshine and clouds monday and tuesday. there is another system that arrives wednesday and perhaps a quarter of an inch. and crying out the into thursday and friday. >> now time for the tech report. >> it's not too late to pick up a big screen tv. but what you don't have time to do is all the research. so i went down to a center inside best buy to find out what is the latest and great nest tvs rights now on the
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market. we all saw cool concept stuff come out. i wanted to know what is in stock. what is the best to watch football on. >> this is what i found out. >> right now here in magnolia the best tv is going to be the sowny and the sam sung 4 k. can you get those in multiple sizes a 55. a 65 and 84-inch. >> and the 65 intemperature goes for $5000. and at least you get high end speakers built in, you don't need a system. it is nice to see them keep and the profiles. and they are suped up led tvs. >> now everyone kind of knows about the it is taking it up to the next level that you get four times the resolution. so you get four times picture
8:49 pm
quality that are details and just gives you all that quality. pay attention to a game and the traffics. and it is the hot thing. and even though they are expensive they are selling a lot. and many have a in interest. if can you wait, the prices will be cut in half in november. i know that does not help with you the game this sunday. it may be a dream make it on to the football field. and a 14 year old who is making his odds a reality. there is more to the kick and
8:50 pm
more to isaac. >> i want to play in the nfl. >> you want to wear purple. >> yes. >> he is riding high from an undefeated season and the freshman state title. remarkable considering this is what he goes through to suit up. >> you don't want pity? >> no. it makes me weaker. it makes me feel like i can not do it. i drop my bag and i pick it up. i pick it back up. if i can not do it no one can do it. >> i see him put it on. >> he is my star. >> there is no question he has overcome a challenge. moving beyond the arms to the
8:51 pm
fight within. his determination was clear from the start. this is isaac learning how to dress himself. >> don't give up. >> there you go. very good. >> today he can doer inly anything on his own. eggs sunny side up, no problem. >> high five. >> that's awesome. >> he will not always have everyone there to do things for him. that was my gift to make him independent. >> he can do remarkable changes with his feet. playing the keyboard. even video games. >> what do you think you have done for your football team. >> they cannot be lazy. they have no excuse not to show up to practice or throw the
8:52 pm
ball or block because if i can kick it and do my own thing they can do their thing. >> and he will be eligible to kick or the srartsty team. a big honor for a pro. the nominations the first of its kind. okay. let's train like it's race day. what's up ted? i think i forgot to pay a bill. yep, paid that one. what about your mortgage? yep, paid that too. alright we're good then. man i feel like i'm forgetting something. eh, it's probably nothing. you worry too much ted. alright, hammer down! bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. citi, with you every step of the way.
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a con finds love in labor
8:55 pm
day and zac efron in a film aimed at guys. >> in labor day, kate winslet give as ride to a man who is an escaped con. he be friends her son, they fall in love. >> they plan to flee to canada until the police step in. labor day is rated pg-13. >> that moment tells the story of two guys who stay single after a third friend is dumped. >> we're single with you. >> they find a love of their lives and deep a secret. >> and the ladies man in the group. and miles teller is the smart alec. >> that is rated r. and ray guy has been elected to the hall of fame. he is the first punter ever elected to the hall of fame. they will be introduced this
8:56 pm
year including the linebacker derek brooks. tackle walter jones and michael strahan. great idea. guys want to stay out on the ice and finish as long as possible if someone is willing to invest money in a free market way such as that and make it work for them, great. hopes of beer deliveries have been dashed by the faa. it is grounded deliveries. and this has been testing drone deliveries to ice fishermen holed up at the lakes. the faa said the flights are not legal. 200 people signed a petition to approve the drone deliveries. >> a great designated delivery. that's it for us. but stay connected with kron 4
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and get developments at the kron see you at 11. ♪
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa ja 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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now does christie brinkley stay to young. >> justin bieber's maid, what she's claiming about drug use inside his house. >> i'm rob marciano. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> bieber, arrested twice in one week. >> he just lost control. >> now what his former housekeeper claims she saw inside his calabasas compound. >> justin likes to work hard and he likes to play hard. >> plus justin's private super bowl party jet held in new jersey. what did drug sniffing dogs find? "e.t" investigates xanax in hollywood. then how on earth does


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